Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.   William Shakespeare, Macbeth


Whether you have one day or one year to prepare a funeral or memorial for your loved one, I will provide you with my focused time and attention throughout the process. Together, we will create the best ceremony, one that truly honors the memory of the deceased while beginning the healing process.

Drawing from my professional experience and extensive training as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I will first spend the time it takes meeting with you and your family to get to know the spirit of your loved one.

You will choose the proper tone and feeling of your Ceremony.

Based on what I learn from you, I will then carefully research and compile appropriate and creative ideas for rituals, readings, music, and other elements that will help you accomplish your goals in honoring this person, and I’ll ensure that our very first draft reflects your values and beliefs. I can also interview other people as you direct, to gather more information on your loved one’s life and times.

When I’ve collected and distilled all these elements into a written ceremony, I will offer you a draft copy to review. You and I will continue to edit it until you are happy with the final result. Only when you are completely satisfied with the written ceremony will we consider it our final draft.

I will create and distribute a final script for all ceremony participants to ensure smooth proceedings; I will coordinate with other family members as necessary and with all your selected vendors as you direct (funeral home, sound, lighting, flowers, musicians); and I will enact the written ceremony at the venue you select, with the professionalism and preparation the day deserves.

I can also make myself available for any additional services you might require after the ceremony, (e.g. pre-meal blessings, special honors, interment ceremonies, committals, graveside services).

Together, we will present a ceremony that honors your loved one with integrity and honesty, encourages healing in all present, and expresses your own values. And when it’s all over, I will present you a Keepsake Copy of the ceremony, so that you and your family can forever remember your loved one’s special end of life ceremony.


Have you thought about your own funeral? Who would write it? What rituals and ceremonies are most important to you? Would you welcome the opportunity to work with a funeral ceremony specialist to create the very ceremony you would want your loved ones to experience when you pass?

People approaching the end of life increasingly wish to compose their own funerals. Still others may choose to celebrate their lives while still alive. I can help clients design their own ceremonies that genuinely reflect their wishes and beliefs. Then, I will enact your end-of-life ceremony whenever you wish: upon your passing as a Memorial Ceremony or even before you pass, allowing you to communicate your values and join with your loved ones as they Celebrate your life.

IMG_1171Create a lasting memory for your loved ones to hold.