Courtesy Teri Pieper, Reflected Light Photography

Courtesy Teri Pieper,
Reflected Light Photography

Welcome  to the Confluence Ceremonies website!

My name is Kate Wallace Johnson. I am a professional Celebrant working in Washington State.

Your Ceremony Specialist.

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant,® I bring my extensive knowledge of literature, writing, music, drama, and public speaking experience to help you create the ceremony you want. (I taught college English and Humanities for 18 years). My education in celebrancy is specialized, and includes  the in-depth study of ceremony structure, ceremonial history, rites of passage, vocal expression/public speaking, ceremony content, ritual, storytelling, symbology, and client relations. I help clients create satisfying, meaningful ceremonies for weddings, funerals, baby namings, retirements, anniversaries, house blessings, and many other kinds of ceremonies to honor life’s important passages. I am ordained (as a secular minister), and so can legally marry couples in Washington State who have been issued marriage licenses.

The Need.

Perhaps you’ve attended a wedding or funeral that left you feeling the same–or worse–than when you came. This is all too common, and there is no excuse for it! The main purpose of ceremony has long been to help us heal and move forward, to create a community of support, witnesses to our lives’ bigger moments. We have known for a long time what role ritual can play in our lives, how sensitively composed ceremonies can actually add meaning and direction when we feel ready to move forward or need to honor a passing. Well-crafted ceremonies help us heal, help us define ourselves, and help us step into the next phase of life. Your life. Your ceremony. Your values. That is why celebrant-crafted ceremonies are better: I work to create with you the ceremony you want.

Ritual + Intention = Ceremony.

But, what do I do? From womb to tomb, families engage Celebrants to help them mark rites of passage, to create support ceremonies, and to craft ceremonies for healing. Each event is made up of unique rituals, chosen by you, that function specifically to address your intention in creating this event. Ritual + Intention = Ceremony. When clients contact me about creating a ceremony for them, I spend ample time with them first learning from them what they want, need, and envision for their special event. I ask questions and listen with my active mind and open heart. Next, I draw on my knowledge, education, and experience to work hand-in-hand with clients to create ceremonies that feel authentic to them. We review at least two drafts of any ceremony before the clients decide on the preferred format. Composed this way, your unique ceremony will not only mark your event’s importance, but it will enhance your experience of your rite of passage. Finally, I will perform your ceremony at the venue you choose and with the guests you invite.

Ultimately, my job as a Celebrant is to bring into being a sacred “space” for you and your guests, and to act as witness to the passage your event marks. I see my work with you as a great honor and as a way of serving our human need for authentic rituals.

Confluence Ceremonies offers many different approaches to ceremonies, driven by the client’s wishes. Please enjoy my website, and call me at 509-429-2844 or email to set up a free, personal consultation.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you craft your ceremony!

Very Sincerely,